Friday, May 2, 2014

It's a Wrap HPLLC

It's been a busy year for the students in the Health Professions Living Learning Community (HPLLC)! Our two major goals for the community have been to connect students with 1) professionals working in their desired career field and 2) the community via health-related service and involvement. We are happy to report we have achieved these goals.

Our March event brought both health care professionals and students in the clinical phase of their training right to the residence hall, where our HPLLC students had the opportunity to hear about their work and training, meet with them in small groups, and ask questions one-on-one. This was a nice follow-up activity to students' involvement in the HPLLC course in fall, which required them to interview a health care professional as part of a class assignment.

In December, our students volunteered with the Our Next Generation Kids program. Children came right to the residence hall, and our HPLLC students spent the afternoon helping the children complete their homework, talking about college, and hopefully inspiring some future health care professionals!

We also sent students on two field trips this year! In February, a group of students attended the Body Worlds: Cycle of Life visiting exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum, having the opportunity to experience firsthand much of the learning they had done in their anatomy and physiology courses this year. In April, our students joined other LLCs in the first annual Chicago trip, where we visited the Museum of Science & Industry and explored exhibits focusing on genetics and the connection between the human mind, body, and spirit.

Needless to say, our students have been very active this year. The HPLLC is a great place to live, learn, and connect with future health care professionals like you!

Joel P. Spiess, M.S.
Academic Advisor University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
College of Health Sciences

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