Thursday, May 8, 2014

That's All Folks

 Social Welfare LLC,
When starting the semester I did not think the year would go so fast! It feels like just yesterday I was meeting you all for the first time and trying to put faces to the names. We have all gotten so close in the past year. I know some of you are going to be living together next year and some of you are not. But I know you will all stay in touch with one another. We have our last event coming up which is a scavenger hunt in Milwaukee ending with prizes and dinner down town. We have made so many memories together so let’s take a look back...

Attending the Men's Basketball game and getting free t-shirts!

Study Night

When a Stuffed Turkey Shows Up

Bears vs Packers Game (Bears won)

Game Night

Trip the the Milwaukee House of Corrections

Chicago Trip

Disney Game Day

Epic Selfies

Random Dance Parties

So as the year comes to an end I hope you had a great year. This year was filled with so much fun thanks to you goons. Study hard for those finals because I want to see you all on campus next year. Thanks for a great year!
RA Amandla

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