Thursday, May 8, 2014

Year in Review: Architecture LLC

Well the school year is almost over, and one thing is for sure--it's been a fun one for the Architecture LLC. From trips to the museum, to pizza parties, to a Chicago trip, the future starchitects of the world got a great introduction to architecture through their time in the LLC! Here are some pictures to prove it!

Students in the LLC took a trip to the art museum in October for a class project

In Spring, students began learning about how to construct arches.

The final project for the LLC class was a set of arches constructed out of cardboard.

In April the Architecture LLC took part in a trip to Chicago to check out the sites.
Students from the LLC who completed their MAP-Works survey were rewarded with a pizza and ice cream party in Spring. 

Being involved with the Architecture LLC has been a great experience for all involved, and the students were able to learn valuable skills that they can take with them throughout life. We're looking forward to another great year next year over here in Architecture!

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