Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beginnings of the Honors LLC

Hello!  My name is Eli King.  I am a second year student and first year Resident Assistant at UW-Milwaukee.  I have come to Milwaukee from the tiny city of Burlington to study Choral Education at the Peck School of the Arts.  Writing the previous two sentences is still slightly surreal; a year ago I would never have imagined that either would be the case.  Initially during freshmen year I was a composition major, who had doubts that his music studies would integrate well with the RA role.  After a change of major and a couple interviews I find myself where I am today, and I couldn't be happier.

I have the extraordinary privilege of inheriting the highly esteemed Honors LLC from Hannah Rarick.  We reside on the 15th and 16th floors of the West Tower of Sandburg Commons.  The term Honors is in reference to students enrolled in the Honors College.  The Honors College is a small liberal arts supplement to a standard degree.  Students usually take one Honors Course per semester in addition to their general coursework.  We encourage all eligible students from any discipline to apply.  The vast majority of my residents are Honors Students from all fields of study, however it's not a universally applicable label; we have a small number of students that are not currently enrolled in the Honors College.  In efforts to be inclusive of these students, we identify not as exclusively Honors students, but as students who take pride in pursuing academic excellence.

I am enrolled in the Honors College. I have found it to be one of the richest components of my education.  I have become a better writer, speaker and a more analytical thinker.  In addition to honing these crucial skills, it allowed me to develop introspection in a way that no other courses have ever allowed me to.  I feel that in being enrolled in the Honors College I have to come to better understand myself in many facets.  I hope that others in my community will experience the same benefits that I have had through the Honors program.   I am very proud to be the Resident Assistant for this LLC, and I am very excited for the coming year.

Until next time!


Welcome to the Honors LLC!

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