Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clinton Plowman - Introduction

Hello to all and welcome to this year's 2014-2015 Health Professions LLC! We are so happy to start off this year on the right note. As of this moment, we are currently packed to the brim with residents who are very eager to start their journey in college.
My name is Clinton Plowman and I am one of the Co-RA's on the 5th floor of the one and only Riverview Residence Hall. I am currently in my second year of studies working on my major in Biomedical Sciences, sub-majoring in Radiologic Technologies while minoring in Healthcare Administration. My major goal for this year for the Health Professions LLC is to create an inclusive floor that loves to live as a community, helping to create memories that will last a life time, and most importantly provide ways to support the residents in their academic studies so that they might succeed in all their classes. The best way to describe myself (as told by others) is I am an outgoing individual, with a cheery personality, who loves to live and laugh and be happy.

Below is a picture of me (left) with one of my friends Collin (right).

The best way to describe this is, I love camping, being outdoors, hiking. If we both had our chances, we would love to be on a survivalist show. I went to Pictured Rocks National Park over the summer, spending two weeks with a group of students from a religious organization. Our group spent the time learning to filter water, build fires, setup hammocks and tents, and cooking differently than using a stove, microwave or grill. Me and my friend built this while on the white sandy shores of Michigan on the Superior side. I look forward to a great academic year and that this message finds you well.


Clinton Plowman - 5th Floor RA

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