Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet the Starchitects!

Hi everyone! It’s a new school year, and the Architecture LLC is back for Round 4 at UWM! We have a lot of fun and exciting things in the works for this year, and we know it will be a great one, so check back often to see what we have going on!

While you wait for all of our awesome events to unfold this year, here are some blurbs about the people involved with the Architecture LLC. Don’t forget to check out the video at the end!

Resident Assistant Derek Ambrose
Derek is from Bloomington, IL and is majoring in Architecture. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, scouting, going to the gym, and involving himself in creative endeavors.

Fun fact: Derek is an Eagle Scout.
Resident Assistant Lindsey Wavrunek
Lindsey is originally from Manitowoc, WI and currently calls Fond du Lac home. She is majoring in Human Resources and Business Management and is pursuing minors in Architecture, Economics, and Marketing. When she can find some free time, Lindsey enjoys playing guitar, biking, and fishing and is a big fan of penguins.

Fun fact: Lindsey can stand on her head for 15 minutes.
Mentor Jess Yester
Jess was born in Virginia Beach, VA and lived there for a few years before moving to Charleston, SC and, eventually, Racine, WI. She now lives in Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood and is pursuing a major in Architecture, a certificate in Urban Studies, and just completed a minor in Spanish. Jess is an avid musician and has a growing bank of instruments she plays. She is also a huge lover of animals and rock climbing.

Fun fact: Jess can play Für Elise on the piano with her toes while standing on her head.
Check out our intro video too!
Well, now you know a little about us, and we can all look forward to a great year!

Until next time,
The Architecture LLC

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