Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC Update

Hello loves!

This semester has been going peachy with so much going on! The Greek 101 sessions and all the Sorority and Fraternity rush events went great! We have had multiple residents join Greek Life, and they are loving it!

The rest of the residents are doing well, many are working in the cafeteria and have been hanging out! I am planning on having multiple philanthropy and service events for my residents to get involved in the UWM and greater Milwaukee community.

I had a resident attend the Leadership Retreat held by the CCBLLR office, and am having residents help out with the neighborhood clean up event this Saturday!

I am open to many different philanthropy and service events, so if anyone has a cause or needs more volunteers please let me know!

I will continue on pushing MAP Works and keep everything going peachy keen! YAY!

RA Scarlett

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