Monday, October 13, 2014

Health Professions LLC UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE!

Hello Health Professions! We post again with some very recent news! The photos below are from our first LLC event. The 5th floor came together to tie-dye t-shirts and learn a little bit more about academic success. We had our stakeholder and instructor join us in our quest to help our residents understand their role within the LLC. Sydney and I later took our floors to other types of events. Sydney held a wonderful event about knowing getting to know who you are living with. They watched a good film that dealt with the odds and ends of having a bad roommate. My side of the floor joined me in a small family game night where we looked into each other's background and saw the diversity that exists on the floor. Enjoy the pictures below! 

Recently we held one more combined floor event. We took a  very small fraction of the floor and participated in the Panther Prowl. The Panther Prowl is a 5k run/walk that raises money towards the scholarship foundation that exists on the UWM Campus. This event lasted for four hours and gave students the opportunity to know that scholarships are out there waiting for them. We had a good time! 

Until the next blog, we wish you all well! 
Resident Assistant Sydney and Resident Assistant Clinton 

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