Sunday, October 12, 2014

Honors LLC Update

Hi everybody!

The Honors LLC in Sandburg Commons has had a great year thus far!  Many of the students have been very active in the community, participating in everything from a smash bros. tournament to Halloween decorating (the floor looks remarkable right now).  As the RA for the LLC, few feelings compare to the pride I experience in seeing them socializing as a community.  There is a fairly large group that is frequently out in the lounge.

The Honors LLC is comprised of students from many backgrounds pursuing vastly different futures.  In order to draw attention to this diversity, I wanted to host events that broadened students' perspectives.  This past September, I hosted the first of a recurring discussion series called "The Controversy Vault."  This was meant to be a forum to share opinions and viewpoints on topics of a sensitive nature; I wanted to explore matters that might be uncomfortable in casual conversation.  The conversations were meant to loosely resemble Honors College seminars.  This first conversation was a Potpourri night.  Residents in attendance were encouraged to submit a discussion topic that would be randomly drawn from a fish bowl.  Approximately fifteen Honors Students stayed for the entire duration of the event, discussing everything from the drinking age to the reasoning behind sex's taboo nature.  Some very intelligent thoughts were shared by residents.  I genuinely think that everyone in that lounge, myself included, learned something that night.

Due to the success of this past Controversy Vault, I have decided to continue hosting these discussions.  Our theme for the next upcoming discussion is societal expectations.  I'm very excited to see what students bring to the table now having had some time to form their opinions beforehand.  There are exciting things happening in the Honors LLC right now.  We're planning an LLC trip to Discovery World on Saturday, November 1st.  Also very interesting is a project the residents have elected to undertake themselves:  after discovering the Milwaukee Public Access Channel, the LLC students have become determined to produce their own program to air on this Public Access Channel.  I was unable to attend the planning session, but they claim to be very serious about the endeavor!  I'm interested to see whatever they come up with.

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