Saturday, October 25, 2014


Breaking News:

The JAMS LLC has been jam-packing a lot of learning and exploring into their first semester at UWM.  It all started with a trip to the Fox 6 news station.  Then came a visit with ESPN and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  And today, some JAMS residents and I (RA Danielle) took on the downtown.

Ring ring! The JAMS LLC is hiding in a phone booh.
In order from left to right: Alex, Austin, Ethan, Jimmy, Ashlee, RA Danielle, Paul.
What's bronze and has two thumbs? The Bronze Fonz of course!
In order from left to right: Ethan, Paul, Austin, Alex, Ashlee, Jimmy, RA Danielle.
Not to sound cliché, but today was a beautiful fall day to explore the city.  Can you believe it was 65 degrees in late October? We started by a casual walk along the river, progressed onto Water Street,  then stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market and Downtown Bookstore.  A few residents decided to stick around and try dinning out, whereas the rest of us hopped on the bus back to campus.  It was a simple trip to explore the different culture found in our own city.   

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