Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update on the Social Welfare LLC!

Hello Friends!

Things here in the Social Welfare LLC have been going great since the school year started! Residents are starting to feel at home and have made many friends in the community. At our community’s first event, residents had a chance to learn how they could be “part of the puzzle” this year and get involved in their new surroundings. We talked about volunteer opportunities on campus and around Milwaukee that students could use to fulfill the volunteer requirement of the Intro the Social Welfare class.

In October, our community has two events planned so far. This week we will take a trip “Back to Kindergarten” to escape from the craziness of college. There will be play doh, coloring, cookies and milk, and fun for everyone! At the end of October, we will be getting a visit from the Inclusive Excellence Center on campus to learn about inclusive language in a fun and interactive way. There are also plenty of events around Cambridge Commons and campus that residents have had opportunities to attend, like Jurassic Park Night, Slip-N-Slide into MapWorks, and Green Thumb!

It sure has been an exciting year so far and I can’t wait to see all the excitement continue to unfold as the semester goes on!

Until next time,

RA Shelbey

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