Friday, November 14, 2014

Business Panthers LLC

During the month of November, the biggest event to take place for the Business Panthers was a trip to Sprecher Brewery in Glendale, Wisconsin. On Friday, November 7th, a total of twenty-three Business Panthers and five staff members took a tour of Sprecher Brewery to learn about the fascinating start up of the Sprecher taste we all know and love!

On the tour, students could view the equipment necessary to make the various Sprecher beverages that would be available for taste testing later on. Our tour guide taught us about some of the various ingredients included in Sprecher's beverages, but of course, left us all wondering about their "secret" ingredients. We then traveled from the Brew house into the cellar, eventually making our way into the bottling room. Here, students could see a large conveyor belt filled with Sprecher bottles making their way down the line. This is one of the last and final steps for Sprecher beverages before they are packaged and shipped off to be enjoyed by many happy customers!

After the tour, we all gathered around to sample over 10 different flavors of Sprecher sodas. Although it was hard to choose a favorite, the Root Beer and the Cherry Cola were some of the popular flavors among the Business Panthers. While residents enjoyed sampling their sodas, they were able to chat with fellow classmates, teachers, and other staff members about the tour.    

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