Sunday, November 16, 2014

Education and Leadership LLC: "Get Your Smartie Pants On"

On Thursday, September 11 the Education and Leadership Living Learning Community residents attended their LLC Kick-off Event! The event was called “Get Your Smartie Pants On!”

The Education and Leadership LLC is residents primarily interested in Early Education, Educational Studies, and Leadership interests.

The residents showed their enthusiasm by putting up “clues” next to pictures of UWM campus offices throughout the lounge that they live in. The campuses posted were ones that Education majors utilize, people with leadership interests utilize, and places that first-year students utilize. Residents were very excited to show their knowledge about the campus and let other residents know about places that other residents did not know about.

After the residents were done matching clues to the offices, Resident Assistant Megan and Peer Mentor Beatris went over the answers with residents. This way, residents knew how to best utilize places on campus and what different places offer.

To celebrate the LLC Kick-off event and reward residents for attending, Resident Assistant Megan and Peer Mentor Beatris gave Smarties to the residents to along with the name of the event.

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