Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Film LLC - DIY Camera Rigs

On Tuesday, November 18th, The Film LLC'ers got a chance to enter the classroom with Instructor Ben Balcom to make camera stabilizers that the Film LLC students will be able to check out and use to make their own films!

These rigs were constructed out of PVC piping, PVC glue, and a few nuts and bolts.Their purpose is to help stabilize the camera more than just holding it handheld style.The students that went to the event volunteered their time not only to learn about stabilization techniques, but to make these stabilizing rigs so that anyone in the film LLC can use them on their films. For that, we thank you!

This event was great in that it showed how easy it is to make something that adds production value to your films. All it takes is a trip to the hardware store with a picture from the internet!

 Film LLC's own Nick Goll with the rig:

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