Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC Update

The Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC in Cambridge is having an awesome time! We have been doing well with our schoolwork by using the common study spaces, enjoying different Greek organizations on campus as well as Cambridge Council. 

Despite the chilly weather, the Greek LLC had some volunteers for the CCBLLR offices Neighborhood Clean-Up! Enjoying some bonding and helping for a good cause to beautify the areas surrounding the UWM campus. A lot of residents were shocked at how much litter and mess that was picked up from the area, and the consensual statement was that they were going to be more aware of the litter and how to prevent it from happening.

The Greek LLC also got 100% on their MAP-Works survey! A taco party will be held after Thanksgiving Break for the community as a reward and thank you to all the LLC residents who completed the survey on time! We had a couple people come out and pie me in the face, which was a great and delicious time for all! The after product is shown:
Resident Alicia looking "fierce"
We also had a trick or treating event in Cambridge where residents got to explore other floors of the building to meet all the other RA's  and to get more information about "spooky" resources on campus! It was a fun event, with the Cambridge Council's Fall Ball that was held afterward with cider, cookies, and pumpkin pie! 

 Overall, the 
 Future Fraternity and Sorority Leaders LLC is having an awesome time and we are excited for the other opportunities and events that will be held towards the remainder of the semester!

3rd Floor RA's Shelbey and Scarlett

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