Sunday, November 9, 2014

Health Professions LLC Update

Hello from the Health Professions LLC,

With only a few updates from us, we share only the best new news around. Later in October, RA Sydney shared an Event with another RA and did a tea-time with the help of DJ - the Assistant Director of the LGBT center. The event focused on inclusive language and to help better understand the definitions of words or phrases that are commonly used that may be offensive to others. Residents sat down with DJ who did an interview "game show" to see how people used these words and phrases. Residents had the opportunity to become more aware of the surroundings and what they say. Overall the event was a huge success.

RA Clinton held his own event that lead to an opportunity to inspire leadership among the community on the floor. Residents had the opportunity to talk with Rachel - the director of CCBBLR and she brought forth information about volunteer hours and the best ones for the nursing and health programs. She was able to spread awareness about what it means to volunteer and how CCBBLR is able to help track hours for all students. Residents then had the opportunity to play MADDEN 13' where residents could play as the quarterback and make leadership decisions to win the game.

As for further breaking news, RA Sydney will be holding another event, the unbirthday. Her goal is to bring residents together to celebrate their birthdays while they are here at UWM and talk about healthy intimate relationships. RA Clinton will be doing a door stop event that will allow residents to have their suite doors open. Security will give a small presentation about the importance of locking suite doors.

RA Sydney and Clinton will also be holding a passive event this month. We will be talking about how health professionals stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Both RA's will be handing out goodie bags among the residents. In these bags will be pro-health tactics that will help in the prevention of the flu and cold season which may be even longer depending on the pending winter.

 We hope that everyone in the LLC is having a good semester so far! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Keep up the good-work everyone and make sure to take some time for yourselves!


RA Sydney Rein and Clinton Plowman

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