Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Engineering LLC

What's new in the Engineering LLC?!  We are already more than three weeks into our discovery world program, where up and coming engineers are getting an opportunity to contribute to the wonderful program that is Discovery World.  They are currently programming robots to mimic plant life! How cool is that?!  If anyone is interested in becoming involved in this great opportunity feel free to come and talk to one of the LLC's RAs.

What to watch for coming up in near future:  The annual and prestigious Engineering Olympic Games are about to kick off.  Watch the best and brightest engineers in all the land compete against one another in fierce and deadly mortal combat...  Just kidding.  What they will be doing, however, is taking on different engineering based challenges as teams that will score them individual points.  Feel free to come and watch these great minds be pushed to their best.  Along with the Engineering Olympics, the LLC will be hosting video game and strategy game nights.  Watch for more information on flyers and posters around the LLC.

That about sums up life in the magical place known as the Engineering LLC.  Stay tuned for more enchanting tales of the courageous men and women who make up Sandburg South's floors 9-12!

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