Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Want Some S'mores!

Being a Sophomore in college is so much different than being a freshmen.  For the most part, many of us are familiar with being a college student and we understand the expectations that the campus has for us.  But what comes next?  Our lives.  In three more years, many of us hope to graduate and either go straight into our new career, or maybe we have other plans.  Everything that we do as sophomores can have an impact on what we do after college.

In the S'mores LLC, residential sophomores will be introduced to a community where ideas are always flowing.  We want to be successful, but sometimes it can be hard to come across new opportunities when we are surrounded by homework, work, and other mandatory activities.
The class for this LLC is Ed Pol 315 which will be taught by Laurie Marks and Josh Maxwell.  Because this is a service learning course, many of the students will be taking time to serve others in the community.

Now it is time for a quick introduction.  My name is Tabby Miller and I am the peer mentor for the S'mores LLC. Since I am a Sophomore, I can relate to the things you will be going through during your Sophomore year! What I do know, is that community service is also a fantastic way to get to know each other.  RA Shelby and I are in the process of planning events where the LLC can become closer and more successful as sophomores at UWM.

As our LLC kickoff event,we decided to have an actual s'mores social where ice cream, chocolate, and s'mores were provided for the residents.  It turned out to be a great hit and in the hour that it occurred; relationships had started, and people were having a fun time!
As the semester continues, more and more events you can participate in will pop up.  We look forward to having short service trips around the Milwaukee area with our LLC so that not only will they get service hours, but we will all be doing something together to build our community of Sophomores at UWM.

Most of us have tried a simple s'more, but if you are interested in creating something a little more out of the ordinary, here is a recipe for a S'mores Layer cake!


Thank you!  We look forward to keeping you all updated with the S'more Living Learning Community!

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