Monday, February 9, 2015

Business Panthers LLC

The South tower Business Panthers recently attended the Milwaukee Bucks game on Wednesday, February 4th. The LLC traveled via city bus to the Bradly Center arena to see the Milwaukee Bucks play against the Los Angelos Lakers. Around thirty students, five staff members, and two Stakeholders attended the event to cheer on the Bucks!

Business Panthers showed off their spirit and dance moves to help cheer on the Bucks against the Lakers. Volunteer workers for the Bucks noticed their spirit in the stands and showcased them on the Jumbo Tron. Students screamed and shouted at the different prizes that were offered to them including gift certificates and T-Shirts.

The Business Panthers stood up to cheer on the Bucks when in the final seconds in the 4th quarter, they scored a point to tie the game and put it into overtime. Chants for "Go Bucks go" and "Let's Go Bucks"were heard throughout the stadium during overtime. The Business Panthers were excited when the Bucks took the lead and won the game. Students enjoyed the opportunity to go to a Bucks game with their Stakeholders and RAs.

Stay tuned for more Business Panthers events as the semester continues!

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