Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Purin Military LLC Spring Update- Jonathan Rooney


Purin Hall Military LLC-January 27th, 2015

With the new semester and the new year I have found a renewed energy in my programming efforts. I will now be polling residents and enlisting the help of residents in planning efforts to allow for successful events. One area of interest that I found among my residents is that they enjoy group activities. Using the list of CLASS incentives for first and second year students I have decided to create a time management themed event. I have borrowed the theme and title of the event from RLC Rachael Amick and the event is titled "Land Before Time (Management)". At this event, residents will receive their very own calendars with images from the Land Before Time Series. We will be coloring in the cover page with crayons and discussing strategies for time management. Yours truly will also be leading group activities/ community builder exercises. The LLC event that I am planning for the month of February pertains to creating gift baskets and writing thank-you letters to troops for their service. I am currently working with MAVRC to finalize my contacts for this program. Thank you for your interest in Purin Hall and I look forward to a busy semester, full of activities. 

-- RA Jonathan Rooney

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