Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome back to the Engineering LLC

Hello all, and welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break - I know I did.  I also hope that you're all ready for another exciting semester.  Last year in the Spring Semester, we took a trip as an LLC to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, and we're currently working on planning a trip for this year.  If you have any recommendations on cool engineering places to visit, feel free to give us your input!  We're also looking forward to putting on several new programs this semester, such as a trip to Miller Park with a behind the scenes look at the retractable roof.  Keep an eye out for emails and posters related to our upcoming events.

Also, I know the Engineering Olympics ended some time ago, but since this is the first blog post since those took place, I'd like to give a shout out to our winners this year.
1st place: Brian Schafer
2nd place: Sebastian Marki and Andrew Lascelle
3rd place: Tyler Schommer and Shawn  Anderson
Congrats to our winners and thanks to all of you who participated.

This year, the first challenge was to build a water clock using paper and tape.
The second challenge was to build as tall of a tower as possible that could still support a specified weight.
The third challenge was to build a boat out of paper, tape, and a few straws and popsicle sticks that would float with as much weight in it as possible.
The final and championship challenge was building a bridge out of marshmallows, straws, and a small amount of string that could support as much weight as possible.

From all of us in the Engineering LLC - welcome back.  We're looking forward to another great semester with you!

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