Friday, March 13, 2015

Engineering LLC Update

This semester, the Engineering LLC has started off a little slow, but will continue to get more eventful as the semester continues.  Thus far, the LLC has had a very successful resume building event.  The event happened right before the spring Industry Expo to help residents better equip themselves for the exciting job fair.  To sweeten the deal even more, free tea, pizza, and a giant plinko game were also provided for those that brought in their resumes!  After a nice, long spring break, there will be a Miller Park tour which will take place on March 27th.  This will be no ordinary tour however.  Instead, all participants will be given the chance to go up to the hydraulic control room that opens and closes the dome (signup spots are limited)!  How cool is that!?   We hope midterms are going well and the work load isn't too stressful.  Stay tuned for more fun and innovation!

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