Monday, April 13, 2015

Business Panthers

The Business Panthers have been very busy this semester!The LLC had an event at the beginning of March where students were able to help each other on their homework. They were able to collaborate on Business Homework and other types of homework they had. The event also gave them time to study with each other for future exams.

There are numerous events ahead for the Business Panthers, most notably, the LLC Chicago Trip on April 25th. Students will be travelling to the Windy City to take a tour of Macy's and explore Millennium Park. The Macy's tour will consist of a fun, fast and fact-filled store tour. They will Learn how Macy’s has grown into America’s largest department store with over 800 locations from its humble beginnings, over 150 years. Our knowledgeable tour guides can cater to different group sizes and age groups as they discuss history, marketing concepts, merchandising, visual techniques, and more. The second tour will be a fun and exciting adventure through Millennium Park were residents can witness and explore the parks artistic beauty.

Keep checking in for more updates on the Business Panther's plans!

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