Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Career Quest LLC

Hello everyone, my name is Jenna Towers and I am the Career Quest LLC Resident Assistant for this year! I am super excited to embark on your quest for a career this academic year. As your RA I am here as a resource to help you with any issues you may be encountering in the residence halls, helping you find academic resources, getting involved on campus, and to throw events on the floor that help build up the Career Quest community. I can also help you with anything that may be going on in your life and I am always here to help! 

I am a junior that has recently decided to double major in Human Resource Management and Communication. I am a transfer student from St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud Minnesota. I came to UWM because of its rich culture and diversity and for the academics this institution has to offer. I am from Minocqua, WI. Some of my hobbies include Netflix, Hulu, going to the movies, being active, reading, and traveling the world.

With the Career Quest Class, ED PSYCH 110, I am not going to be heavily involved with this part of the LLC. However, do not hesitate to ask me questions about the class or any concerns you may have regarding it!

Here are some pictures of the decorations in the Career Quest Community that are up on the floors.

Also, here are some residents enjoying Panther Dance for Fall Welcome week!

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