Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Scene One, Take One: The Film LLC Begins A New Semester

The halls have been buzzing and the cameras rolling as the 2015-2016 Film LLC is starting a new year. Our first Indiana Jones themed Kick-Off Event entitled "Raptors of the Lost Ark" was on Sunday, September 6th. To start the event, residents enjoyed a movie-matching game and build-your-own dirt cups.

The movie matching game ended with everyone in the center of the hallway where we announced upcoming events for the semester such as the Milwaukee Film Festival, Film LLC Video and 24 Hour Editing Contest. Then LLCers broke into teams for a Scavenger Hunt around the 4th floor. Each questions in the scavenger hunt was a movie-related question, posted next to a celebrity cardboard cutout. Each correct answer earned groups a puzzle peice, and the first group to return to the center and complete the puzzle won.

The Kick-Off Event was designed for both communities to get aquainted and share their love of film. The communities (the South wing and the North wing) comprise the Fourth Floor Film LLC and we'd like to take a moment to introduce the Resident Assistants on both wings:

Lea Parker is a sophomore Film Major from Sun Prairie, WI. She did video work in highschool, works at Marcus Theatres and studied Theater at UWM before switching majors to Film. She enjoys spending time with friends, collecting movie posters, Twenty One Pilots and Star Wars. Lea is the RA for the North side and gives killer fist bumps. 

Shannon McInnis is a senior Film Major from Oshkosh, WI. She previously attended UW-Eau Claire as a Creative Writing and Graphic Design major and transferred to UWM to study Film. She has worked on three feature length films as an Assistant Director, Script Supervisor and Actress and loves everything and anything movies. She enjoys vocal acappella music, Dr. Pepper and Weezer. Shannon is the RA for the South side and is trying to make the phrase "Don't trip, chocolate chip!" catch on. 

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