Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Welcome Home Business Panthers

Meet the Resident Assistant Team
Markiya Terry: Floors 1 & 2
Milwaukee, WI
Marketing and Supply Chain Operations Management Major
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
Markiya had her own cubical at an internship with Principal Financial Group over the summer.

David Wolfe: Floor 3
Shorewood, WI
Finance Major, Economics Minor
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
David is a member of the Honors College and Business Scholars Program at UW-Milwaukee.

Jake Kearns: Floor 4
Mequon, WI
Finance and Math Major
Second Year at UW-Milwaukee
Jake is an avid sports fan and will play any sport when presented with the opportunity. 

Shayla Jackson: Floors 5 & 6
Milwaukee, WI
Education Major
Fourth Year at UW-Milwaukee
Shayla is in her fourth year of being a Resident Assistant and enjoys shopping. 

     The Business Panthers Living Learning Community (LLC) is a community in the Residents Halls which consist of Business students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Business Panthers LLC strives to make the transition into college as smooth as possible and helps create a sense of community around a common theme: Business. Students in the Business Panthers LLC will have a unique housing experience because many, if not all, their peers and neighbors will be taking the same classes and working towards the same goals. This will not only build a strong academic surrounding for students but will allow lifelong friendships to develop and mature throughout a resident's stay in the Business Panthers LLC. 
     This year the Business Panthers LLC comprises of floors one through six of South Tower, which makes it the largest LLC in University Housing. Throughout these six floors there are four Resident Assistants who are all ready to lead and mentor their floors and students. The RA’s are excited to see what the school year is going to bring and cannot wait to begin building professional and social connections with the future of the business industry. 

The Business Administration 100 Staff Team

     Business Administration 100 is a mandatory class that all business students living in the Business Panthers LLC take. This photo includes all the staff members that will be involved with Business Administration 100 throughout the 2015-2016 academic year.

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