Sunday, September 13, 2015

Welcome to Health Professions LLC!!!

Meet RA Sydney and RA Shelby!

RA Sydney (pictured on the left) is a junior Nursing Student and this is her second year as an RA. 
RA Shelby (pictured on the right) is also a junior Nursing Student and is enjoying her first year in the Health Professions LLC but she is also a second year RA.

The first few weeks here in Riverview have been really exciting! Not only is everyone getting settled in their new rooms and enjoying Welcome Events but the LLC has also been busy throwing our own welcome activities. We had our kick-off event last week and it was a blast! 

Pictured are Residents and Stakeholders sporting their new Health Professions T-shirts!

Residents had the chance to meet LLC Stakeholders that help make Health Professions LLC possible. Residents also got to go through four interactive station where they learned about tutoring, online resources, advising, and organizational tips. After they enjoyed pizza and cake while continuing to get to know each other. 

Health Professions LLC is super busy planning cool events and we can't wait to share those experiences with you as the year goes on! Until next time... RA Sydney and RA Shelby :)

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