Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Engineering LLC Update

This past month, things have been going full swing in the LLC. With Midterms come and gone, it is common to see students in the lounges studying and helping each other for their classes, like their engineering courses and Calculus. It isn't all work and no play though. Often, you will see students hanging out in the lounges just talking or playing video and board games.

Of course, the talking of the LLC is the Engineering Olympics. The first event was held on 11/16 and was a challenge involving a making a boat from limited materials to hold the most weight, The winners of all four weeks of the event will get their name engraved onto the plaque that is on the 9th floor of the LLC.

Since it's also getting to be that time, students are getting read to register for classes. Before the first event of the Olympics, Sharon Kaemfer, one of the advisors from the College of Engineering and Applied Science is coming in to the LLC to talk about the class registration process. She has been an advisor here at UWM for several years now and she and the rest of the advisors are dedicated to helping students succeed.

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