Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Health Professions LCC Update!

Hello Everyone! Happy Fall!

The Health Professions LLC is continually hard at work with their classes and different events that UW-Milwaukee has planned, like Make a Difference day which the Health Professions LLC just participated in recently. With the help of the Health Professions LLC's Peer Mentor, we were able to organize one of the largest teams of the day, which is saying a lot considering their were almost 600 people that participated in the whole event! WOW! 

Make a Difference Day is a large community clean-up volunteer event where volunteers go out into the community and clean up garbage or help winterize the homes of older adults in the community and many other opportunities! 

We have many more fun events coming up! Stay tuned to see what we have going on in the future!

Until next time,
RA Sydney and RA Shelby

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