Friday, November 13, 2015

Leadership and Interviews Oh My!

Hello everyone! This past month the Career Quest LLC has been very busy preparing for their careers! From presentations, leadership activities, interviewing and volunteering, our LLC has been creating a better world!

This month the Career Quest LLC class had a lot of interesting assignments in the class. One instance was where the LLC had to give presentations on career services on the UWM campus. Their objective was to go around to the different centers and gather information from real people working in those centers to make a presentation. The residents in the class stated that they learned a lot of valuable resources that are on campus! In addition, the students in the LLC class had to do a leadership activity that is pictured below and learned what leadership skills they exhibit.

Next, the LLC RA and the LLC class teamed up to do an event with the Career Planning and Resource Center on how to be successful in the interview process. The presentation included tips on what to do before, during, and after the interview. It went over frequently missed steps and questions that people make in the interview process. Overall, the LLC class enjoyed the interview and next semester we will be doing mock interviews on the floor!!!

Lastly, the first week of November the LLC class volunteered at "Make a Difference Day". Here residents went to someone's house in Milwaukee that cannot rack their lawns on their own. So, they went and helped a Milwaukee homeowner prepare their lawn for winter. Everyone who went really enjoyed the experience!!!

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