Friday, November 13, 2015

Meet Your Mentor Jessica Ferruzza

Jessica is my name and menting is my game. My name is Jessica Ferruzza and I am the Peer Mentor for the UWM.NET LLC. As a mentor I sit in the residents' class Writing and Social Media for Careers and engage with students to help with their transition into college. I am a sophomore pursuing a Industrial Engineering degree. Math and Science is my thing, I’m not much of a words person but I’m doing my best. I have been a University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin HR office assistant and an Orientation Leader. I am looking forward to becoming a semi-adult by starting internships this summer highlighting my interests in ergonomics and Industrial hygiene. Basically, making things easier and safer. UWM has been a great help in my success of transitioning into the adult world of resumes, interviews, and bills.

Social media had never really crossed my mind when it came to the job hunt, but this class has shown me how truly important social media is. With a society that is slowly going paperless, online news sources, social media platforms, and memes have become the forefront of what many people are seeing. That’s why being aware of your social media presence as well as being experienced with the different types are crucial. LinkedIn for example is a platform that can be used as a virtual resume where employers skim for possible job candidates. Facebook can help by making networking simple but can hurt you by seeing your embarrassing party photos. I may seem like your fun but employers might think you’re a little TOO fun.  This shows how social media can be a driving force when it comes to becoming employed. Whether you’re an outgoing global studies major or an introverted engineer getting into the social stream is a major plus.

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