Monday, November 9, 2015

October in L2G

Happy Fall!

This last month Local 2 Global did some wonderful things in Milwaukee and internationally. We had an event in the lounge of our community where we created pinwheels through an organization called Students Rebuild. For each pinwheel we made the Bezos Family Foundation donated $2 to help Syrian refugee children. In just one hour our community made 207 pinwheels, meaning that we helped to donate $414 to Syrian youth - a job well done! Some people stopped by for a few minutes and just made a few, while others stayed the whole hour; and every single one is appreciated.

Making pinwheels!

Making pinwheels!

Making pinwheels!
This past weekend our community participated in Make a Difference Day. We spent Saturday morning going to two different homes of elderly women.  Make a Difference Day is a large UWM event specific to helping the elderly in our community winterize their homes. The first woman only needed us to rake her lawn to prepare for the winter. At the second home the woman had us rake her lawn, clean the windows, and change a few window screens to glass. The weather was perfect and we had so much fun talking to the owners' of the homes. A few of our international students also enjoyed their first experience with raking and the traditional "jumping in a leaf pile." It was a Saturday morning well spent for us and our community.

A big thank you to a resident in our community, Sean Xu, for taking the pictures below!

This upcoming month our community is looking forward to having a presentation from the Study Abroad Office and an International and Global Studies career advisor.

-RA Brigitte

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