Friday, December 11, 2015

Business Panthers' are Love; Business Panthers' are Life

As the semester comes to a close we begin to pack up for Winter Break. Residents have begun taking their final exams, which sadly means Business 100, among other classes, are coming to an end. Additionally, the Resident Assistants have been putting on a multitude of events, including and Admirals game, a holiday party, and several social gatherings. 

When we return at the start of spring semester we will continue where we left off. The Business LLC Residents will be taking Business Ethics together; which is taught by the same teacher that instructed Business 100. However, there will be one major change to our community. Resident Assistant David Wolfe will unfortunately not be returning to our community for the second semester. Instead, he will be replaced by another RA, whom will proudly represent the Business LLC for the remainder of the year.

This month the LLC took its trip to a Milwaukee Admirals game. Together we took the Milwaukee Public Transit System to the game and cheered on our local hockey team.  

Another event that took place was a Channukah Party on the third floor. Here residents played and ate traditional Channukah games and food. We played dreidel, ate jelly donuts, and gambled with chocolate. Additionally, we talked about the differences between religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

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