Thursday, December 17, 2015

December & seasons greetings!


Greetings and happy holidays from Purin Hall! We are very excited for the end of the semester and have already begun decorating our lounge/building with winter-themed items. With finals approaching I am happy to announce that I have seen a large increase in use of the study lounge on the third floor. The lounge contains a general area for students to sit and study together on their lap tops as well as a walled off quiet zone with access to wired internet. I have rewarded students who have utilized the lounge with small treats such as candy. I have also used positive encouragement to promote behaviors that will lead towards academic success.

For my last event of the Semester I will be facilitating an event related to finances. It is never to early to start investing I was once told by my financial adviser. The earlier you invest, the more potential for growth your investments have. I will be discussing retirement savings options such as Roth IRA's, general budgeting, different types of savings accounts, CD's, Bonds, and ways to invest in stocks (for those who can stomach the ever changing market). The material in this event applies to every student in my building. I hope that this will allow my students to take control of their finances and get a jump start towards financial security.

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