Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Elevate Event!

Hello All!

For this month we had an exciting event that took place. This was an event for the residents involved with the LLC to be able to practice Elevator pitches. For those that may not know what an Elevator pitch is exactly it is basically a 25-35 second pitch to get a connection or whatever may be the persons goal. The reason behind it being 25-35 seconds is because hence this pitch is done in an elevator. For example, lets say you see a CEO of a company in an elevator you would want to have a pitch practiced, to lets say get an in, into the company. It takes practice to get an elevator pitch down.

Our event took place on Friday on the 5th floor lounge where we had some of the LLC Residents pitch to a couple staff members. Some staff members that they pitched to were, Demetria Anderson Res. Life Coordinator, David Clark Associate Dean, Demetrius Williams Res. Life Coordinator, and Shelby Fritsch Res. Life Coordinator. Overall this was a great event for the students. I believe they got a lot out of the event and David Clark did an excellent job and teaching and mentoring the students beyond what they had learned from class. Below are a few photos from the event.

This wraps all of our events up this semester and we all are looking forward to next semester's events and activities!



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