Thursday, December 17, 2015

End of the Semester Wrap Up with the JAMS LLC

Greetings colleagues,

Stevan here from the JAMS LLC with an end of the year wrap up. There were a number of things that appear on the highlight reel with the JAMS LLC that are worth a mention. First I was one of three mentors to receive the Mentor of the Month Award for the month of December, I was chosen by my fellow peer mentors for this award, and I am extremely grateful for them recognizing my hard work this semester.

LLC related highlights include the class visiting a number of different media outlets to learn about how they each operate. These include visiting FOX6 (WITI-DT) and getting a tour of their facility by anchor and reporter, Katrina Cravey, to see how a TV station operates for those students interested in broadcast. They also visited ESPN Milwaukee to see how a radio station operates and see how a live radio talk show is conducted. Lastly, they stopped by the UWM Post to see how campus media puts together a news website for the UWM community. An additional event the students went on was the DiverCity Tour where they went to three cultural centers to learn about different cultures in the Milwaukee area.

The students also had members of the media come to them in the form of guest speakers such as, Victor Huyek from the El Conquistador Newspaper, Andy Tarnoff who started, UWM Journalism Professors Michael Newman and Marc Tasman, UWM Journalism Instructor and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Gina Barton, members from UWM Media Relations, and (on December 9) talk show host and radio anchor Dan O'Donnell from News/Talk 1130 WISN-AM. It is also good for the students to get journalism experience, not only because the LLC class instructor talks about it, but because the students write article for the JAMS Department's, student run news website, Media Milwaukee, so they get the writing experience. The students write about items ranging from the guest speakers to their class, to campus events.

I think the students really enjoyed being in the LLC especially on the trips because I think they were a good way for the students to really get to know each other in the LLC. Even though on campus events for the LLC, such as the Nightly News viewing night that we had a few weeks ago, where we watched NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and talk about it during the commercial breaks. Plus, the students really got a ton of experience seeing things in action with the media tours and a lot of information from a plethora of guest speakers.

Some of my favorite moments in the LLC was the Nightly News viewing night not only because I planned it, but because (like the instructor of the LLC class said) it's important for journalists to know what is happening in the world. Like I mentioned earlier Dan O'Donnell came to the class to talk about radio, is was a lot of fun, not only for myself but the students as well. I used to intern at News/Talk 1130 WISN in the summer of 2014 and Dan used to be my supervisor, and he is also a great friend of mine. So I can't wait to see him come to the class.

Overall, I hope the students got a ton out of the LLC by connecting with each other and learning a lot about the field of journalism/public relations by being in the LLC.

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