Monday, December 14, 2015


The Spanish LLC has been busy preparing for finals and the upcoming semester! For the next semester the Spanish House LLC class will take place in Cambridge 171 on Fridays at noon. One of the biggest components of the class is to have residents participate in Spanish influenced events, whether they be movies, dances, or trips! A lot of the Spanish LLC residents have been busy watching movies like El Orfanato and El Laberinto Del Funo for the Spanish LLC class.

I am busy planning events for the Spring 2016 semester! Once residents come back one of our first events will be to bring a representative from the Roberto Hernandez Center to talk to my residents about the different ways they can get involved with the Spanish community here at UWM. Another one of our events will be to volunteer at the 16th street clinic here in Milwaukee that mainly caters to the Hispanic community. We have a lot planned and hope that you will enjoy the updates that are coming your way!

Felices Fiestas,
RA Laly

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