Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's the end of the semester! Time to recap!

This semester in the S'mores LLC has been a great one! So many great things have happened and so many more to come!

Recapping this semester, we've been busy! 
 We've had so many events and activities for the S'mores to do, it was great to take a break from school work and get to know our floor better. 

One important message that the S'mores LLC learned was from the Career Planning and Resource Center! We had a representative come right to our floor and teach us about the importance of declaring a major and finding ways to find the right major for you. We had pizza, fun, and a great turnout for that event!

Our biggest hit was our event "Would you Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?". This was were we went through a choose your own adventure of different scenarios you could choose. Some choices had dire consequences and some choices helped you survive! It was great fun and brought lots of laughs. 

One of my favorite traditions on the S'mores floor is to have our game nights! Many of the residents come out and we stay up late playing Catchphrase, Headbands, Charades, and Pictionary! 

With finals coming up things are starting to get hectic around here for everyone. The semester is winding down and we're all ready for a nice winter break! Looking forward to another great semester in the spring!

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