Monday, December 7, 2015

Scene One, Take Four: That's a Wrap!

Scene One: Take Four:That’s a Wrap!

The semester is ending and RA Shannon and Lea could not be more proud of their LLCer’s as they close out the semester. Especially excited to announce the LLC residents have completed filming for the Film LLC video!  They are moving into the editing portion of the process and will soon have a finished film. RA Shannon and RA Lea are impressed with the initiative each individual took with the video. RA Shannon and RA Lea were the for support but the project was executed by the residents contributing their talents to the project. In honor of all of their hard work, RA Shannon and RA Lea are throwing them a Wrap Party with ice cream on the last day of classes.
Plans have already been put in place for next semester for some amazing events. On the horizon is the LLC’s Traditional 24 hour Film Festival. Residents are given a prompt, which they then have 24 hours to film and edit a five-minute or less film using the themes and prompts given to them.  The excitement is buzzing, but it could just be for winter break.
Stay tuned for next month’s blog and more information on the exciting things happening next semester!

We're making all the movies! 

A Year In Review In Pictures

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