Thursday, February 18, 2016

Spanish House LLC

Welcome back Panthers!
Bienvenidos de regreso!

The residents of the Spanish House LLC have been busy adjusting and settling into a new semester.  For this semester one of the biggest goals I have, as the Spanish House RA is to plan and host more Spanish related events. Some of the ideas I have been putting together are to have a Spanish game night were the residents would be able to come and enjoy various Spanish games and relax and interact with other residents. Another idea is to also visit the Walkers Point Center for the Arts.  The Spanish LLC class is also planning another cooking night where the residents will be cooking traditional Hispanic food.  Another thing we are looking into for this semester is having regular showings of Spanish themed movies in Cambridge Commons for the Spanish House LLC residents. This semester we are also super excited to be working with a new peer mentor, Chelsey Bermudez! I am super excited to keep everyone updated with the progress of the LLC for the Spring Semester!

My best,

RA Laly

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