Monday, February 8, 2016

Starting the Spring Semester Strong

After a successful Fall 2015, the Education & Leadership LLC is looking to continue a great year as a community this Spring. Residents of the LLC are excited to be back at UWM and have began their new classes, adjusting to their new course schedules. Some highlights from the Fall semester included many Residents of the LLC attending Make A Difference Day and a pumpkin carving event in October (pictured below) and 

There was great attendance at RA Annabelle and RA Bryce's kickoff event and community meeting, which was intended to help transition the folks of the LLC to get back into the swing of things on campus. With mostly first year residents, some residents have expressed interest in joining new student organizations to gain leadership experience going into their second year of school. Namely, some residents have expressed interest in joining Big Brothers, Big Sisters as well as North Tower Community Council. 

Every year, it is common for LLCs to go on a trip that relates to the focus of each Living Learning Community. This semester, an Education & Leadership LLC trip is in the works with the potential destination of Chicago with intentions of seeing various landmarks and museums that would greatly benefit our future educators & leaders. Stay tuned for more updates about these plans. 

Additionally, the Education & Leadership LLC would also like to welcome Brooke, our new Peer Mentor for this Spring Semester. Brooke will be working closely with the LLC course this semester as well as helping RA Annabelle and RA Bryce plan for future events within the LLC and will assist in writing future blog postings. Welcome Brooke!

Pictured is a Pumpkin Carving event from October which featured Speaker Warren Scherer from the LGBT Resource Center.

-RA Bryce

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