Friday, February 19, 2016

Welcome Back, Social Justice LLC!

The 2nd semester has begun and the Social Justice LLC students are refreshed from winter break and have started their Spring semester classes. We began our semester with a 2nd LLC Kickoff so that our students could have their voices heard in the planning process of the Social Justice Events and what we want our semester to look like.


In addition to the event brainstorm residents participated in setting SMART Goals and posting them in our community's lounge. Making goals and following through on them is valuable to learning and growing. Because they are in a common area residents can hold each other accountable and check in on each other on how they are doing in achieving their goals.
Our Community :)

We are very excited for this 2nd semester and what it will bring. Looking forward, we are preparing for Meet Milwaukee later this month and getting residents involved in the room tours and keeping the common areas looking fresh and exciting.
That's all for now!
Take care,
RA Jennifer and RA Sara

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