Sunday, February 7, 2016

Welcome Back

We are happy to welcome everyone back for the start of the spring semester. We hope everyone enjoyed their breaks and we are excited to start another chapter here in the Honors LLC. We have lots planned for the upcoming months and we will kick off the semester with an NBA2K video game tournament to welcome new members to our community and to relieve the stresses that come with buying books and learning new schedules. We had a good crowd in the LLC lounge to view the Super Bowl and it looks like we are back to our old selves. I want to urge you all to push even further this semester and become more involved. I hope this new semester of classes helps everyone to progress to their goals and discover new ones. Take advantage of our resources to get you there, and step outside of your comfort zones as you have settled into the world of UWM. Good luck to everyone this semester and thanks for reading.

RA Hunter

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