Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Focus on the Sophomore Experience

The S'MORES LLC is such a great living learning community because it gives opportunities to help Sophomores make sure they are are staying on track to graduation as well as having any help they need with academic support. 

PASS tutoring and the Student Success Center is focused on helping students to be academically successful. Getting good grade, passing courses, and receiving an education is the whole reason why you are here; so we want you to succeed! 

Whether or not a resident is struggling in a class, it never hurts to try out tutoring. There are so many opportunities for all different varieties of classes from group discussion to one on one help. Having been a student who utilized this resource I highly recommend it.

Go to to check it out!

Along with this site you can find helpful study strategies! 

If you're looking for personalized support, please visit our staffed desks in Library E170 or Bolton 120.  PASS employees are available to answer questions about how to sign up for PASS programs and services, how to access online review sessions and archives, and more.

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