Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Engineering LLC: Spring Industry Expo and LLC Trip Planning

Hello, hello, this is RA Tyler from the Engineering LLC telling you what we've been up to.

Well, Spring is finally here and with it was the Spring Industry Expo, a great opportunity for students to talk to and meet companies that relate to engineering. This might be just a foot in the door with the company or this might be an internship or summer job offer, either way, it's a great event that took place on Friday, February 26th. There were somewhere around 75 companies eager to meet with students and answer any questions that they might have had. This year was even more exciting as there were free professional head shots taken if you went.

The night before was an info session that RA Brianna, Gideon, and myself ran, where you could see which companies were looking for what majors. We also had sheets with valuable information, which is pictured above, that you could take with you. We were there to answer any questions that residents may have had and we helped with resumes.

RA Gideon working hard, helping residents with resumes.

To the left and below were some of the helpful signs that RA Brianna made for the event.

But what's coming up next for the LLC? Well, in April, we have lots of things planned. We have and LLC trip to Chicago. We're going to the Museum of Science and Industry in the morning and then letting you explore Chicago in the afternoon. We're also working on an event that will help give back to Sandburg, where we help fix the yellow carts. There will be more on one or both of those events next month.

This is RA Tyler signing off, telling you to have a good day and don't forget to be awesome.

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