Thursday, March 31, 2016

Health Professions LLC Update!


The LLC has been very busy since this new semester started. We recently finished hosting a pre-pilot program here in Riverview that was focused on Cancer Prevention and Breast Health with the Komen Foundation! It was a four session program, hosted over four weeks, and each session was focused on a different topic. The first was on breast health practices and screenings, the second on health diet and how that affects cancer prevention, the third on the effects of exercise, and the final one was on self-care and maintaining your personal well-being! They were all active and our host brought special food that was cancer fighting food! It was great!

Coming up, we will be hosting a group of potential LLC members for next year at the second round of our GO MILWAUKEE program! We will also be having a presentation on the Nursing Major Application and a LLC trip to Chicago is also in the works! 

Stay tuned for more details!

-RA Sydney & RA Shelby 

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