Thursday, March 31, 2016

Music LLC

It's been an exciting spring semester so far here in the Music LLC!  As we move into midterm season here at UWM the residents of the Music LLC have been hunkering down and getting things done.  We've recently had a few great performances in the past weeks for our band and choir students.  These performances have been keeping everyone busy practicing and rehearsing this semester and especially the past few weeks.  Residents have also been getting their plans set for next year as returner self assignment has been going on and we've had residents self-assigning back into the Music LLC.  Folks in the LLC are getting excited about the nice weather that's giving us a taste of spring just in time for our spring break this year.  With the weather we hope the Music LLC keeps making it outside and has a calm, stress-free spring break!  Have fun and stay safe to all the folks with spring break plans and hopefully we can all return ready to take on the second half of our Spring 2016 semester here at UWM's Peck School of the Arts!

I look forward to seeing all the exciting new things happening over the next month!

Until then,

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