Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Post Spring Break Blues - Lead to Interview Games

Hello, everyone! I hope you have been enjoying my LLC Career Quest blog posts. The LLC members and I are sad because spring break is over. However, we are ready to hit the books and study more.

This week my LLC will be participating in an event hosted in our community. It is called, "The Interviewing Games". This event is facilitated by the Career Planning and Resource Center.

Throughout this event will deal with role play interviews with student volunteers. I or the facilitator will either play the role of the interviewee to model appropriate answers, behavior etc. Or I play the role of the interviewer and work with the student volunteer on their responses etc. and provide real-time feedback. The "audience" can ask questions etc. This event will allow our students to get first-hand experience with interviews and develop the skills they need to land that summer internship or job. 

This event should be lots of fun and I will post pictures after it is done for next month's post! Enjoy spring!

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