Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spanish House LLC


The Spanish House LLC has been busy adjusting since coming back from Spring Break. On March 10th the LLC attended the Hot House StorySlam Bilingue by downtown Milwaukee. The StorySlam consisted of people sharing impactful stories of their life. While we were in attendance many stories were told; some of them related to immigration, the American Dream and some even related to food! The stories and the people that told them were very interesting, and best of all students were able to immerse themselves in Spanish since the stories themselves were told in Spanish and translated to English! This trip was sponsored by University Housing and completely free to Spanish House LLC residents. Below you will see La Profesora, Ester, with some of the Spanish House LLC residents.

La Profesora y Spanish House LLC residents

Storyteller and interpreter 

Next on the Spanish House LLC calendar will be Comida en Cambridge, which translates to Food in Cambridge. Spanish House LLC students will come to Cambridge and prepare a full Latin meal! This event will take place on March 25th at 12pm. They will be cooking with La profesora and their peer mentor. All of the ingredients are provided and the students will be able to speak and emerge themselves in the culture the whole time! Further on the calendar there will be a Chicago Field trip to the National Museum of Hispanic Art! Stay tune!

-RA Laly

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