Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Transfer Community

Spring Break has officially ended and we've entered the final stretch of the semester! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Spring Break experience! It's crazy to think that we only have about six more weeks of classes.

For our next LLC event, we're hoping to bring the transfer students to the Milwaukee Public Art Museum. It's an amazing museum with so much to look at and it's located right in our own city. I'm excited to bring our transfer residents, especially any of the students who haven't gotten a chance to visit the museum before. Next month, we'll also be volunteering for the UWM Make A Difference Day clean-up event. It's a great experience and it feels great to help make campus as well as the surrounding neighborhood a cleaner place to be. Some other possible events we may do this semester are a trip to a local  business or another trip downtown to explore.

As we return from break and get back into the swing of things, good luck with all your classes! Make sure you wrap up this semester on a strong note!

-RA Paul

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